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We are just about a week away from the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and one local Toronto retro video game store has taken its marketing of the game to another level. A & C Games, located in Chinatown, posted an interesting deal on its Facebook page yesterday. Basically, besides getting a copy of Smash Bros. Ultimate between 12:00-2:00 AM on Dec. 7, you also get a large two-topping pizza and some pop.

The deal will set you back about $100 CDN. I think it’s a clever marketing technique on their part and they partnered with a local pizza joint, Cora Pizza, which is also owned by Chang Toy. However, you have to be in the delivery area to take advantage of this promotion – you can check this out in the graphic below. The deal is in limited quantities, so local Torontonians, don’t wait. You must pre-order by Dec. 5 at 8:00 PM to take advantage.

Why they did this

I spoke with Chang Toy via Facebook about why he chose to do this particular promotion:

It is to cross promote the stores and to use the delivery service to cover the midnight releases where people don’t have to wait in line and have to travel to get it, especially when it’s cold to end up playing it for a bit when they get home and it would be a couple hours of time wasted outside. I bought Cora four years ago and we’ve done some collaboration where customers at  A & C Games can order pizza delivered to the store.

A & C Games has been one of the main retro video game store staples in Toronto and it has made a name for itself with other clever marketing techniques and contests in the past on its Facebook page. Pizza and Smash Bros. go very well together and it’s also a great way to celebrate the game’s official launch.

Tarah Bleier


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