There are several experiences on the Wii U eShop that try to fill the multiplayer market. Toto Temple Deluxe is the newest title to take a big shot at being the next big indie multiplayer title on the Wii U. While ultimately it lacks much depth, it is an experience that is worth having if you’ve got people to play it with.

In Toto Temple Deluxe, you move with the control stick or D-Pad, jump with “A”, and fling yourself in any direction with “X”. Up to four players can join in the fun, and you can substitute the CPU for any player you want. This means that you can play solo with one, two, or three CPUs, or with two friends and one CPU to fill in the gap, or whatever you want – whatever your situation, a well done CPU character can step in to make the game as full as you wish.

There are a couple modes –  Classic and Bomb are the two big ones. In Classic, you try to hold onto the goat for as long as possible while other players try to grab the goat by slamming into you. The longer you hold the goat, the more points you get. At the same time, you can gain points by grabbing coins that appear and disappear. Occasionally powerups will pop up which hinders or helps you or your opponent. Whoever gains a set number of points first wins. In Bomb, You try to blow up your opponent by holding onto the bomb until it explodes. Powerups are here as well. For both of these modes, you can choose between free-for-all or teams.


It’s pretty fun! There is something incredibly appealing about running around a stage and smashing into people to take their stuff. Now, it’s worth mentioning that the game is not the best ever in single player; this is a multiplayer game based on conflict, after all; but with friends around it becomes a lot more fun, as you yell and curse at each other as you race to hit the goal. Online might have helped, and it’s a glaring omission, but it is easy to give the game a pass in this regard as it is a ten dollar indie game.

There’s a lot of variety, too. Toto Temple Deluxe makes the most of its concepts and makes sure that things don’t get stale. There are several stages, and they each feel unique, both from a design and visual standpoint, so things won’t get repetitive very fast. There are also some bonus modes beyond the basics. Many stages and modes need to be unlocked, which will add a reason to keep going back to the title.


With all this said, do not expect the greatest gameplay ever. Most of the time your opponent will get the desired object, you’ll smash into him and take it back, he does the same. Rinse and repeat. It can get a little unremarkable at times, and the powerups are hard to keep track of to boot. It’s chaotic in an overly orderly way, if that makes any sense. Still; it’s a game that invites plenty of competition, so having friends with you is bound to make it a good time.

The visuals are pretty quality. Everything is colorful and easy to keep track of. It’s an appealing looking game, for sure. The music is equally nice; it’s upbeat and really makes beating up your friends more fun.

All in all, Toto Temple Deluxe is a game you buy if you have friends to play it with. Solo, it can be no more than a brief distraction, but with friends it becomes an exciting brawl-fest. Solid modes and an impressive number of stages makes sure this multiplayer title is one to check out.

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