Matt Thorson, creator of the highly addicting game \’Tower Fall\’ never even imagined how one tiny, yet simple idea for a game would take flight in a way he never imagined.  It all began at the Full Indie Game Jam in Vancouver, B.C. where he and his team were given the task to create a game within a 48-hour window of time.  The idea that kept leaping into their minds was a simple one–shoot arrows.

A single player flash game was developed and the idea was to have the player take on the role of an archer straight out of medieval times.

\”I really wanted the player to feel like they were already a master archer, even before they started playing,\” said Thorson.

In TowerFall, the targets are constantly moving and so arrows need to be shot fast.  However, Thorson said some of the arrows act like a heat-sinking missile chasing some targets down making it easier to focus on other targets.  An 8-way aiming function was put in to make things a little more simple as far as deciding what angles to shoot from.

Things went on to multiplayer where Thorson said the idea of what he really wanted TowerFall to be became more clear.  He said he had a lot more fun working on the game’s multiplayer function and began to notice some of the inspiration he got from other games that he put into TowerFall.

One example that he explained to Polygon was the arrow catching mechanics matched the item catching mechanic found in Super Smash Bros. Melee or shooting arrows was like egg throwing on Yoshi’s island but with a little more speed.  He even said the playful way of shooting was from the N64 shooter classic Golden Eye 64.

For the background, of course, there is a medieval setting with stonewalled castles and dungeons filled with lava.  Thorson said he has some ideas floating around for a single player adventure with each archer having their own unique storyline.

\”Originally, I was going to make an instruction manual, like an old-school NES manual, and that would be the only place the lore would be…you will play through a lot of their backstories.  You will see the past of each character,\” said Thorson.

Unfortunately, TowerFall is an Ouya Android console exclusive title only and carries a price tag of $15.00.  It has sold about 2,000 copies and Thorson has plans for it to show up for the PC in a few months.  Thorson is looking at a larger update to unleash single player mode, which is around the time it will release for PC.  Among the things on the update would be a level editor, new power ups, arrow types, and perhaps a new fifth archer.

As far as when it might, release on other platforms is unknown.  However, the question has been posed.

\”At E3, Nintendo talked to me.  Sony came to my house.  Microsoft has been emailing me.  There’s a lot of demand for the game.  I just want as many people to play it as possible,\” said Thorson.

Nintendo seeking Thorson out is a good sign that there is definite interest in TowerFall and based on feedback from those who have played it, it might be one target on the Wii U and 3DS fans will want to aim for.


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