TowerFall is a cult classic, and that’s all well and good, but it really should just be a full-on classic. Without exaggeration, TowerFall is easily one of the best local multiplayer games ever made. Despite the simplistic formula and controls, it is hard to play without getting sucked in for hours at a time. It is a fantastic game that belongs in any local multiplayer library. The added Switch content (six-player mode, Celeste characters, and new variants) is a welcome bonus to a game already well worth the price of admission. The heart-pounding satisfaction gained from TowerFall is incredible; it is some of the most fun I have ever had gaming with friends.

As a 2D action game that boasts simple but addictive archery combat amidst loads of stages, modifiers, and power-ups, TowerFall always has a lot going on. However, the package comes together very, very well. The controls are beautifully responsive and fluid, the different arrows and items constantly turn the tide in battles, and the short, quickly reset skirmishes make it so that you never truly have time to breathe. 

The game involves fast, one-life rounds. Everyone enters the screen-sized stage with a couple of arrows before scrambling to shoot everyone else in the arena. One hit, one kill. Depending on the mode, points are earned on a per-kill basis or by being the last man standing in a round. Once everyone dies, you have a moment to collect yourself before being thrown back into a new stage layout to duke it out all over again. Gameplay gets ridiculously tense–as you wall-jump, duck, and dash through the air, you will narrowly dodge arrows and explosions galore. If you get bored with standard combat (you won’t), there are myriad modifiers available. With the dozens and dozens of options, you can make it so that players spawn with wings, explode on death, turn into ghosts after being killed, or any combination thereof.


The game has hardly anything holding it back, so long as you understand TowerFall is a local multiplayer experience through and through. There is no online, and single player fights against simplistic AI are an afterthought. Unfortunately, if you do not have many friends that you play games with, this game is not worth your investment. Otherwise, it is a nigh-on perfect multiplayer experience.


Boot up TowerFall, and the ultra-intense matches will be an instant hit with your friends. Before you know it, it’ll be two in the morning and still nearly impossible to set the controller down. If you indulge in local multiplayer at all, this is one of the best games that your money can buy, indie or otherwise. TowerFall has always been an all-time great local multiplayer title–that has not changed on Switch.

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Sept. 27, 2018
No. of Players: up to 6 players
Category: Party, Action, Platformer, Fighting
Publisher: Matt Makes Games Inc.
Developer: Matt Makes Games Inc.

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  • Relentless, fast-paced combat
  • Lots of gameplay variants
  • Impossible to put down


  • Weak single-player
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