Renegade Chronicles is bringing their otherworldly first-person shooter Moon, originally released on the Nintendo DS, to 2014 with the release of Moon Chronicles on the 3DS. If the few screenshots and tidbits of info from the official website and developer weren\’t enough, Renegade Kid has uploaded the first trailer for Moon Chronicles to Youtube.

Entitled, \”Mystery Trailer,\” the video hits just under a minute with a reel of Moon’s various locations and encounters.

Revisiting the Moon has never looked this good on a portable system. You\’ll have more than enough opportunities to shoot up alien baddies with an array of different weapons while you traverse the Moon from its rocky surface to its mysterious innards. Dangerous creatures lurk in every corridor waiting for your first, and last, mistake.

Though Moon was received well on the DS, it wasn\’t exactly moving tons of units off the shelves. Renegade Kid is hoping to get Moon out to more players who may have missed the first iteration prior to the 3DS before releasing a potential sequel. Moon Chronicles features a number of different control setups, including support for the 3DS Circle Pad Pro.

Moon Chronicles is expected to release in Spring 2014 on the Nintendo eShop in an episodic format. A second season of brand-new content may follow the first season of Moon Chronicles episodes if they sell well.


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