Max Raid Battle

The latest Max Raid Battle event has kicked off in Pokémon Sword and Shield. This time, the target is the Mythical Pokémon Zeraora. From now until Sunday, June 28th at 7:59 p.m. Eastern, you can team up with three other trainers to defeat the electric cat. Unfortunately, due to its Mythical classification, successful trainers will not be able to capture Zeraora. Instead, trainers have a chance to earn a much better reward.

If one million trainers worldwide defeat Zeraora in battle, a free shiny Zeraora will be available to claim in Pokémon Home in the week following the event. In order to be eligible for the shiny Zeraora, all you have to do is either deposit a Pokémon in Home or move one from Home to Sword or Shield between now and Monday, July 6th at 7:59 p.m. Eastern. Upon the completion of both of these criteria, shiny Zeraora will be waiting for you via the Mystery Gifts menu of Pokémon Home‘s mobile app.

As if the shiny Zeraora wasn’t enough, for every hundred thousand victories beyond the initial one million, trainers who participate in this event will receive a free Armorite Ore, also via the Mystery Gifts menu in Pokémon Home‘s mobile version. This ore can mainly be used on the Isle of Armor to teach your Pokémon new moves. This bonus caps out at ten Armorite Ore, though given the frequency at which I’ve found them in-game, it seems like a pretty sizable reward.

If you’re out hunting for Zeraora, you’ll want to keep an eye on raids of level three or higher. And if you’re lucky (or maybe, unlucky), you just might find a more powerful shiny Zeraora waiting for you in five-star Max Raid Battles. But get a good team together, and prepare well, and you’ll have a good chance at coming out on top. Happy hunting!


Steven Rollins
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