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I always appreciate when a game is not just quirky but tries to do something legitimately new. Trancelation from developer Mythic Owl and publisher Baltoro Games may fit that bill. Releasing on March 13, the game packs frenetic arcade gameplay with neon lights and pulsating sounds, but it’s also educational — it wants to teach you new languages. The new Switch trailer promises seven languages, but for the life of me I cannot find a list of which ones, even though Trancelation already released on Steam a year ago. In any cases, it offers four learning modes, and if you just hate learning, there is also a strict “Arcade Mode” that removes the language aspect.

How exactly the game works isn’t so easy to decipher at a glance, but the language learning seems to be rooted in building word associations. Baltoro Games describes Trancelation as “the gamer’s arcade Duolingo,” and honestly, that may be an exaggeration of the game’s teaching abilities. But since it will retail for $9.99, it sounds like a nice way to augment a language you might already be learning. Even better, when the game launches on May 13, it will be 30% off, meaning $6.99.

What do you think of Mythic Owl’s Trancelation?


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