Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mii Fighter Costumes #7 Travis Touchdown Bomberman Gil Minecraft Creeper Pig Diamond Armor

In the big Steve / Alex / Minecraft World presentation reveal, Masahiro Sakurai revealed Mii Fighter Costumes #7 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which will debut Oct. 13 for $0.75 each. This new set of Mii Fighters includes Minecraft‘s Creeper (Brawler), Pig (Brawler), and Diamond Armor (Swordfighter), in addition to The Tower of Druaga‘s Gil (Swordfighter). But far and away, the most exciting additions are Bomberman (Brawler) and Suda 51’s Travis Touchdown (Swordfighter).

Check them all out in the reveal video below.

Bomberman isn’t my favorite video game character in the world, (That’s Mega Man.) but for some reason, I’ve been begging for his inclusion in a playable capacity for a long time. To see Bomberman finally included, even as a Mii Fighter, gives me an extraordinary feeling. I’m, like, really happy, you guys.

Travis Touchdown is a pretty awesome get for a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mii Fighter too, even if it dashes the hopes of those wanting to see him as a fully unique character. It’s better than nothing though!

In addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mii Fighter Costumes #7, Masahiro Sakurai showed off prototypes of the Fighters Pass 1 amiibo, so be sure to check out our coverage of that. Today is yet another big win for Smash fans, thanks to the incredibly hard work of Sakurai and his development team (and Nintendo’s legal team, no doubt).

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