Last night’s Nintendo Direct was amazing. Some leaks were confirmed, new titles were unveiled, and more DLC for Smash Bros. Ultimate was shown. Viewers who stuck around after the video were treated to a Banjo-Kazooie demonstration by Ultimate‘s director, Masahiro Sakurai. What gamers weren’t expecting, though, was Sakurai’s ability to make “Xbox” trend on Twitter in Japan.

How did this ageless vampire cause such a trend?!

For context, here’s the footage mentioned above:

Around the 2:40 mark, Sakurai states:

If you are going to play Banjo-Kazooie, you can play it on Xbox. I’m saying this even though this is a Nintendo broadcast. Please, by all means, play it on Xbox!

Oh boy, I hope Sakurai keeps his job after urging Banjo-Kazooie fans to play their games on a rival platform!

Regardless, after Sakurai’s statements, something funny happened on Twitter. The word “Xbox” trended on the social media platform in Japan. Also, it hit number one at some point:

The power of words, ladies and gentlemen.

What is so amusing about the Twitter trend? The Xbox brand is not popular at all in Japan. For an American video game console to be part of a discussion on social media, even for a brief period, is almost unbelievable. Hopefully, Japanese gamers will give Banjo-Kazooie a shot now, both in Ultimate and on the Xbox. After all, the bear and bird are American, too!

Rare enthusiasts, do you believe Microsoft should hire Sakurai for a PR position? Are you sad the director didn’t reveal a Switch port of Banjo-Kazooie? Let us know in the comment field!


Arthur Damian
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