Trials of Mana guide: 5 tips for making those tough choices

If you’ve been raring for another run through the excellent Trials of Mana, keep an eye out for the Version 1.1.0 update on October 14. The update will be adding a challenging “No Future” difficulty that is only available to players in New Game Plus.

In No Future, enemies – and bosses in particular – become significantly stronger. Boss battles are fixed with a time limit, the player’s level is reverted to Level 1, a few abilities are left unusable, and a maximum of three items can be deployed during battle. In short, Trials of Mana is not playing around with this new difficulty level.

In Japan, the update coincides with a celebratory eShop sale commemorating the 25th anniversary of SNES classic Seiken Densetsu 3Trials of Mana will be 30% off from October 14 to November 2, while the Seiken Densetsu Collection will be a whopping 50% off. We aren’t sure whether or not this sale will extend to other regions or not just yet, so keep an eye on your eShop once this update rolls around.

Have you played the Trials of Mana remake yet? If so, what did you think of it? Will you revisit it for the No Future difficulty mode, or have you had your fill? Let us know in the comments below.


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