Square Enix Trials of Mana producer Shinichi Tatsuke Masaru Oyamada game length, additions, co-op multiplayer removed interview

Trials of Mana producer Shinichi Tatsuke and Mana series producer Masaru Oyamada of Square Enix have discussed various aspects of their new title in an interview with Gematsu. It includes things like Trials‘ length, new elements, and removing co-op multiplayer from this remake of the Super Famicom original. The possibility for more Mana games on Nintendo Switch was also brought up.

Tatsuke and Oyamada delve into the details of Trials of Mana

Tatsuke says the game will take about 25-30 hours to complete, though Trials of Mana has replay value in that there are six playable characters, but you only select three characters per playthrough. Your party will dictate what aspects of the story you see. And of course, the combat has been refreshed for three dimensions and modern sensibilities, as we detailed in our PAX preview of the title. There are aerial attacks, combos, and evasion to consider now.

Likewise, character classes, which can be customized/upgraded at a couple junctures throughout the course of Trials of Mana, have been rebalanced to include more differences. Plus, a brand new “class 4” will be unlocked after completing the game, which is simultaneously vague and enticing. There are currently no plans for additional downloadable content for the title though. (Some might say that’s a good thing.)

One of the most unfortunate exclusions from this remake is co-op multiplayer, which was present in the original game. Tatsuke explained why that came to pass:

The original game, with its top-down perspective, included an offline multiplayer mode. This time, we used an adjustable third person perspective to enhance the feeling of being immersed in the world, so we didn’t include that option. We also considered online multiplayer mode, but in order to do that, we would have had to incorporate additional elements specifically to make it enjoyable for online as well. This would have required us to split out time in creating a game that was enjoyable both offline and online. Instead, we thought that we would be able to create something better by focusing on it as a single-person game, and that’s how the decision came to be. We are not planning to have multi-player added through a future update, either.

Right now, Nintendo Switch has Collection of Mana, but there are also the Secret of Mana and Adventures of Mana remakes on other platforms. Oyamada said he would consider releasing these titles for Switch “if there is demand for them and if the timing is right.” In the meantime though, Trials of Mana should do just fine.

Are you suitably hyped for Square Enix’s latest remake? Or are you still busy with Final Fantasy VII Remake?


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