Trials of Mana remake

Back during E3 2019, I was giddy with excitement over the Collection of Mana compilation and Trials of Mana remake announcements. Not only was the main Seiken Densetsu trilogy coming to Switch, but Trials of Mana was heading West in two different variations. Also, the Trials of Mana remake looked a million times better than the disappointing Secret of Mana one. However, it had a vague Early 2020 launch window. Until a mistake was made today!

Trials of Mana remake, I hope you are good

The official PlayStation Store had a listing for Trials of Mana earlier today that displayed a launch date of April 24, 2020. That product page is now gone but the internet never forgets:

Trials of Mana remake


Since the Trials of Mana remake is also launching on Switch and Xbox One, it stands to reason all the SKUs have the same release date. Hopefully, a Direct unveiling wasn’t spoiled.

Did you want DLC in a remake of a Super Nintendo title? No? Too bad, because DLC packs for Trials were also spoiled:

Trials of Mana Avatar Set (Duran, Angela, Kevin, Charlotte, Hawkeye, Riesz), exclusive to the PlayStation®Store
– Rabite Adornment (DLC)

The Avatar Set isn’t too terrible but the Rabite Adornment is slimy. Oh well, at least gamers can play the original Trials of Mana on their Switches right now, free from the taint of additional content.

RPG enthusiasts, do you like what you have seen so far of the Trials of Mana remake? Will you be saving up funds to buy it in April? Let us know below!

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