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For many JRPG enthusiasts, and even diehard fans of the Mana series, the upcoming 3D action-adventure remake of Trials of Mana is likely the first time they’ll be playing this nearly 25-year-old RPG classic. The original SNES adventure was only available in Japan for ages, until last year’s Collection of Mana gave the game an official localization. To celebrate the legacy of the original, though, Square Enix is putting out an impressive full-scale remake of the game that is sure to be much more accessible to first-time players. Now, we’ve learned that fans who dive into this upcoming remake will have a beefy new postgame adventure to tackle full of new stories and new character classes.

Once you beat the main story of Trials of Mana, you’ll be able to hop back in and play through a new postgame story episode where your group of heroes discover a message from a certain character in the Valsena Library. This new quest takes them on an exciting adventure that will allow them to unlock a brand new 4th tier of Light and Dark classes. These new classes include new costumes, weapons and special attacks. You’ll also be able to hop into a “New Game Plus” mode and bring plenty of your unlocked items and abilities over for another run through the story.

Trials of Mana is set to launch on April 24 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC. A lengthy demo will also be available to download on March 18.


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