Trials of Mana 1 million sales shipped sold digitally Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Remake

Trials of Mana — the 3D one, not the Collection of Mana original — has been the little engine that could for the past year. Releasing only two weeks after Square Enix’s own Final Fantasy VII Remake in April 2020, Trials of Mana was a quality remake that had to live in the shadow of an insurmountable AAA behemoth. It stood a palpable risk of being utterly lost in the shuffle. Despite that, the game received an overall positive critical reception and has apparently been selling well ever since, due to both word of mouth and regular discounts. Now, Square Enix has finally announced that Trials of Mana has surpassed one million units shipped and/or sold digitally worldwide.

In addition to just being a great success story, Trials of Mana reaching 1 million units shipped and digitally sold means that the Mana series is still in a healthy (or, one might argue, much healthier) place. The Square Enix developers of the game have already expressed their desire to remake the whole series, so based on the success of Trials, that could mean Legend of Mana is up next. However, it would honestly be a bit sad to see Legend of Mana in 3D, as that title on PlayStation 1 had some of the most beautiful pixel art ever created. It would be a shame to lose that.

How do you feel about the viability of the Mana series now that Trials of Mana has hit 1 million units?

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