Square Enix Trials of Mana demo at Gamescom 2019

Aside from finally porting the original game to North America, the Square Enix announcement of a full-scale HD remake of Trials of Mana was one of the most pleasant surprises of E3 2019. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game looks beautiful in a way that the Secret of Mana remake distinctly did not. Now, European gamers will be the first to try out the title as a Trials of Mana demo will be on display at the Square Enix booth at Gamescom 2019.

Gamescom 2019 runs Aug. 20 – 24 in Cologne, Germany and will house a wide variety of games from developers around the world such as Astral Chain, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and The Witcher III. There will be more than enough stellar upcoming games to demo.

As we’ve previously reported, Square Enix has made the strange decision to axe multiplayer from Trials of Mana, so don’t bring a buddy with you expecting some great co-op. Other than that though, the game appears to be shaping up nicely so far, with reportedly improved AI and an expanded story. Gamescom will be when we learn if the game is really living up to its promise, ahead of its early 2020 release.

How are you feeling about Trials of Mana right now? Surely there isn’t any other remake from the publisher that you’re looking forward to more, right?


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