Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Nintendo Switch

Back in the Nintendo 64 days, there was one game I rented from my local video store regularly: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. You didn’t need to convince me to play a title that allows me to blow both humans and dinosaurs into little bits. Also, there is a gun in the game I adore that causes the sky to explode that I dubbed “The Pollute the Air Gun.” Naturally, I was stoked when Turok made its way to Switch back in March. But what of its sequel, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil? Nightdive Studios has us covered, as it has revealed that the game will launch on the Switch eShop next week.

Turok 2 has even more mayhem than its predecessor

While I have not played the sequel to Turok, I am intrigued by some of its features. Dinosaurs with guns attached to them. Shotgun shells that bounce off walls. Last but not least, the Cerebral Bore. It is a gun that latches onto an adversary’s head, drills into their brain, and then explodes. I don’t know why companies even make FPS games anymore, as they peaked back in 1998 with a detonating cerebrum weapon.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil will release worldwide on August 9, 2019, for Nintendo Switch. It is priced at £15.79, which is roughly $19.99.

Enthusiasts of the dinosaur hunter variety, are you excited to play through Turok 2 again? Are any younger gamers going to play through it for the first time? Let us know down below.


Arthur Damian
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