A new and rather unusual side scrolling shooter is making its way to a sandy beach and pond near you in full 3D.  Turtle Tale is a 2-d side scrolling shooter which puts the player in the role of a turtle in a half shell armed to the hilt with something as silly as a water gun.  Saturnine Games, the company who brought the very successful game Antipole with its dizzying, gravity intense game play and the space shooter Cosmos X2 to the Nintendo DSi are the masters behind this seemingly odd game.

Nintendo Insider described Turtle Tale as an homage to the classic NES and SNES shooter genre while also giving a nod to 2-d platforming play.  Turtle Tale is also going to take advantage of the 3DS’s full stereoscopic 3D display and capabilities.

The majority of the main plot of the game is to destroy the enemies who have taken over the turtle’s island paradise and save the day.  So, is this a shooter you would want to pick up or do you think it should stay under the sand on the beach? Leave a comment here on Nintendo Enthusiast.

Source: [Nintendo Insider ]


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