Two Point Hospital Sandbox: Freeform mode Sega

Two Point Hospital, the quirky business simulator from Sega, is getting a substantial update on consoles, including Nintendo Switch. The new mode, Sandbox or “Sandbox: Freeplay,” is available now and essentially breaks down all barriers for hospital owners. That means you can spend unlimited amounts of cash creating whatever hospital environment you choose.

Sandbox Mode also grants players with unlimited access to items, meaning nothing is locked out of reach. Kudosh, the game’s other special currency, is unlimited as well and allows players to utilize special items from a different item pool. You can additionally change difficulty mode on the fly, giving greater flexibility to hospital owners.

Of course, Sandbox Mode is a separate entity and won’t cross over with the campaign mode. It does give you the chance to go wild though, and these freeform modes are always a welcome option. If you’re unaware of Two Point Hospital, here’s a quick rundown from Sega:

In Two Point Hospital, the competition for the top healthcare provider in Two Point County is fierce. To become the best Hospital Administrator, players will have to prove themselves in a diverse assortment of hospital management challenges. Design your hospitals, train and manage staff with their own unique personalities, and research treatments for very unusual illnesses, such as Mock Star, Jest Infection or Cubism.

The Two Point Hospital Sandbox Mode trailer is available below.


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