Can you feel the launch of the Switch Animal Crossing on the horizon? It’s a little over a month away. Thankfully, this gives gamers plenty of time to pre-order the title if they so wish. If they choose to venture into GameStop, they’ll receive something nifty for their efforts: a colorful, two-sided poster!

Two-sided means making the ultimate sacrifice

Customers who put money down on the upcoming New Horizons will have to make a choice. Either they’ll have to pick the design featured up top, or settle for the one down below:


Personally, I dig the first image. It feels more unique and features fewer pictures of in-game models. Also, it showcases cool, decorative items you can utilize in the game. Sign me up for stargazing with my very own telescope!

While I’m happy players get something for pre-ordering New Horizons at GameStop, I never understood the appeal of double-sided posters. If you want to display it, you have to pick a design to showcase. The other picture goes unnoticed in the back. Wouldn’t it make more sense to gift two posters with one distinctive photo each?

Enthusiasts, will you be taking advantage of GameStop’s two-sided poster offer for New Horizons? Let us know below!

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