Two Tribes co-founder Collin van Ginkel has been discussing the financial failure of \”the best game\” the indie developer has released so far. Toki Tori 2 was originally announced in 2011 as a Steam and iOS game, but later confirmed to also be a Wii U console exclusive. The game finally saw release in mid-2013 after several delays but failed to make a return for the company, which was forced into a bout of layoffs and restructuring.

\”I don\’t think I would have bought Toki Tor 2 if I was a consumer. That doesn\’t mean I don\’t think it’s a good game. I think we did a really great job. But it’s not something I would have bought myself. We were super passionate about making it into a really good game,. It is a good game and it’s the best game I think we\’ve released so far.\”

Ginkel confirmed that the game performed better on Steam than Wii U, but due to promotional activity. The game actually earned a greater percentage of it’s revenue from the Wii U eShop release. Ginkel blmes the failure on Two Tribes who didn\’t do enough to ensure the game stood out amongst crowded marketplaces.


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