TY 2

TY The Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD is rolling out on the Switch eShop next week on March 30 in North America and March 31 in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Formerly a Kickstarter project (which was funded in fewer than nine hours, following the success of its predecessor), TY 2 HD‘s existence demonstrates a healthy desire for more sixth-gen favorites to come to Switch.

An action-packed, open-world game with angry robots, high-flying boomerangs, and plenty of action, TY 2 promises a little bit more of everything compared to the original game. Players can explore the game’s world at their leisure, often exercising a bit of discretion in the order that levels are completed in, and occasionally taking a host of vehicles for a spin.

With a $29.99 price tag, TY 2 might not belong on your radar if you aren’t already overwhelmed with nostalgia at the thought of giving the game another go. It’s hard to say how a game from that era and genre will hold up at a glance, but for the sake of fans who are raring to preorder, let’s hope that TY 2‘s HD remake is able to deliver.

Have you played TY The Tasmanian Tiger 2? Will you be picking it up next week? Let us know in the comments below.

Andrew Rockett
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