In 2002, the mascot-platformer genre was losing interest from buyers. In order to set themselves apart, titles had to differentiate themselves in any way they could. Krome Studios, an Australian developer, knew this. And so they executed a tongue-in-cheek rendition of their culture with a 3D platformer that featured thundereggs, boomerangs, and an evil cassowary. That was the year they brought TY the Tasmanian Tiger to the Nintendo Gamecube and other platforms.

There really was nothing quite like it at the time. As such, the personality of the game’s characters and style elevated the game into a cult-classic. It even spawned a handful of sequels. And now, after many years, TY the Tasmanian Tiger might actually return to Nintendo. That’s because Krome Studios is currently hosting a Kickstarter to create a feature-filled remaster for the Switch.

Return of the Tasmanian tiger

Just two days after it went live, the Kickstarter for this port currently sits at almost 85% funding. The features planned for the Switch version include motion controls (which would be optional), an improved camera system, and a variety of visual enhancements. Stretch goals tease new content not found in the original game. These include extra skins and an exclusive gameplay feature to the Switch should funding surpass $75,000.

In terms of backer rewards, there are collectibles and merchandise that range from art books, vinyl records of the OST, and even a replica pair of TY’s shorts! You can check out the Kickstarter for the campaign’s full details, including a variety of breakdowns for how the money will be used.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger's visuals have been overhauled for the Switch

Should the Kickstarter reach its goal (which at this point seems incredibly likely), Krome Studios plans for TY the Tasmanian Tiger‘s Switch remaster to release sometime in early 2020. When that happens, we will absolutely be covering every facet of its creative and colorful iteration of the Outback.

How would you like to see the return of TY the Tasmanian Tiger? Will you join this project’s Kickstarter backers? Let us know in the comments!

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