Ubisoft’s hit dance game series Just Dance is getting the film treatment, according to a report out of Deadline. So, moviegoers, get ready to get your dance on!

Sony just announced at the recent Consumer Electronics Show that they are now aiming to make properties that can be used across many different multimedia platforms. Why they chose to focus on Just Dance is beyond me. It’s a fun game, sure, but a film?

The same studio behind the Assassin’s Creed film in 2016, Olive Bridge Entertainment, is taking the reins on turning the long-running series into a feature-length film.

This is really a movie to wait and see on whether or not it will actually be worth watching. When I think of video games I would like to see as a film, this one-hundred percent does not come to the top of my list.

This film is definitely an interesting proposition considering the number of dance movies already out there (Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, and Step Up, just to name a few). Video-games-turned-movies do not exactly have the best track record, sadly.

Those interested will have to keep an eye on what other updates come out about this film adaption. It’s also hard to believe that Just Dance has been out for 10 years! Let us know how you feel about this news.


Tarah Bleier


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