\"cloudberryCloudberry Kingdom, the platformer to rule all platformers, is set to be released this summer, and today it was announced that Ubisoft will be the publisher.  The game is being developed by lifelong friends TJ Lutz and Jordan Fisher of Pwnee Studios.  Levels in the game are created totally at random based on a series of algorithms and adjust according to the player’s skill level.  Cloudberry’s levels also can adjust by what abilities each character has or by just normal \”what goes up, must come down\” type thinking.

Cloudberry Kingdom is set to release on the PlayStation 3, X-Box 360, Wii U, and PS Vita.  There has been no mention of whether or not there will be a 3DS version or not.  You can check out a developer’s diary below and learn more about the game and the developers.

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[Source: Nintendo Everything]


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