A fan asked the devs over at Ubisoft for an update on the progress of Steep on Switch, and the official Twitter account confirmed the Switch version has actually been canceled. Instead, they will focus on creating more content for the other platforms.

A month after it released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it was shown during Nintendo’s Switch Reveal Conference. One might assume it would have been a launch title or release within the next several months. Since then there have been few minor updates stating that the game was still in progress. The last update from Ubisoft Annecy was in October 2017, almost a year ago.

This won’t come as a shock, as many had assumed the long wait and near silence meant it was quietly canceled, possibly due to development problems. The studio has not stated when the decision was made to cancel this version in the year and a half since its reveal.

Matt Graff
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