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More good news for the Nintendo Switch has come out of Nintendo’s notoriously most-difficult market, the UK. Over in the royal nation, the Switch has managed to grab quite the feat: being the best-selling console throughout 2020.

In terms of exact numbers, Switch sales in the UK have risen by 52.2% year-on-year compared to 2019. As reported by, the console was the best-seller for almost the entire year, “11 of the 12 months”, to be exact. The report also reveals that the best-selling console version was that of the neon-colored flagship Switch.

This means that, despite its lower price, the portable-only Switch Lite isn’t resonating as well as the fully-featured Switch is over in the UK. For some, the loss of the docked functionality is apparently a very big deal. Considering that so many Switch titles emphasize local multiplayer, this isn’t too surprising.

No easy task

As mentioned in other sales articles, the Switch had a lot to deal with last year. Worldwide lockdowns due to COVID-19 resulted in manufacturing plants being shut down and shipping services being greatly disrupted. This combined with a sudden interest in games and game consoles caused a basically global shortage of Switch units for a few months, with things only normalizing towards the latter half of the year. And with the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles all coming onto the scene, the Switch had to go up against the effect of newer machines making the market swoon. Even so, it inked out a victory.

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What’s notable, however, is that the PS5 became the second best-selling console in the UK for 2020, despite only being on the market for barely two months within the year and with shortages of its own. That means that when supplies are replenished, Nintendo’s hybrid is going to have a hard fight, along with competition from the Xbox Series X and similarly-priced Xbox Series S systems.

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