The Trauma Center series on Wii and DS turned many wanna-be doctors and life savers into heroes in their own mind. But what if there was a game that would actually give you real world experience? Underground is a game that will actually help you do that, but disguises it as a video game. Grendel Games, with help from the University Medical Center Groningen and LIMIS Foundation, is the team behind Underground, which started as a Wii game originally. The game makes use of custom laparoscopic equipment that will be acted out through the Wii Mote and Nunchuck, or the analog sticks on the GamePad.

As far as the game itself goes, you play as a character named Sari and her group of robots that must travel to several underground mines. In order to travel to these mines, you have to blow up buildings and gather resources to advance through the mines, and enemies come in the later levels that must be dealt with. The game is aiming for a €20 and €30 price point which would put it at the higher end of the indie spectrum, but with all the work put into it, it may end up being worth it.

Shawn Long
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