Toby Fox’s indie classic Undertale lands on Switch soon. During today’s Nindies presentation, those with a keen eye may have noticed the reveal of the Switch port’s release date. On the 18th of next month, or about twenty days from now, you will be able to play Undertale on your Switch.

This sprawling underground adventure offers a heartfelt story, charming characters, and an iconic soundtrack. If you somehow avoided the original Undertale hype train upon its initial 2015 release, this is as good an opportunity as any to check it out for yourself.

While the game itself launches September 18th, we are not sure if the snazzy  collector’s edition unveiled earlier this month will release at the same time as the digital game, or if the physical goodies necessitate a few more days of preparation.

Here is a timestamped link to the Nindies presentation’s sizzle reel where Undertale’s Switch release date was revealed.

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Andrew Rockett
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