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Super Nintendo World is rocking people’s worlds at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, where the theme park was constructed, delayed, delayed again, opened, closed, and opened again. Slowly but surely, construction of Super Nintendo World is occurring at other Universal Studios parks as well, such as the Hollywood location. And Nintendo of America recently announced that Universal Studios Hollywood will sell Super Nintendo World merchandise at the park store for a limited time. Pictures of the merch show Mario and Yoshi plushes, Mario and Luigi hats, and Mario and Princess Peach drawstring bags.

We’ve previously reported on the cornucopia of awesome Nintendo merchandise available at the park in Osaka, so this stuff is really just a drop in the bucket. But it’s better than nothing, and it’s a promise that Super Nintendo World will come to Universal Studios Hollywood eventually. It’s likely to arrive sooner there than at the Orlando location too, which after some construction delays may not open until early 2025 — practically a lifetime away.

The silver lining is that by the time these Nintendo parks open in America, COVID should finally be under control once and for all — because by then, everyone will either be sufficiently inoculated or dead. A happy thought to end a Sunday on!

John Friscia
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