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Nintendo is about to 1UP its video game competition, Sony and Microsoft, with theme parks built entirely based on Nintendo properties. That’s right.  Following the beginnings of a site in Japan, construction for another Nintendo-theme park has begun in Hollywood. Nintendo has enjoyed a surge in success with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. What better way to ensure further market saturation with the company’s first-party IP than to build a theme park around it?

Nintendo Land will build upon the Universal Studios theme parks. In a report from LADBible, the deal struck with Nintendo essentially mirrors what occurred between Warner Brothers and Universal to bring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter into the mix. The details as to what the Nintendo-themed park will consist of are thin at this point. In a recent podcast episode for Motley Fool, Dan Kline, an experience in finance, furthered that point with the following:

“Right now, at the Universal Studios location in Japan, they’re actually already under construction on what’s called Nintendo Land. It’s a handful of rides. They’ve been very secretive. We know there’ll be a Mario Kart ride. Think of it like the Star Wars expansion at Disney, a very immersive land, a big deal. In Orland, they’ve said, ‘We are going to build out Nintendo properties.’ But they’ve been very cagey about where. The rumors had always been at the original Universal Studios.”

We previously reported that the park in Japan will be named Super Nintendo World.  It’s possible that the other sites will carry the same moniker. Regardless of the name, we can all agree that a Nintendo park is happening in on the west coast, and that is exciting.

Expanding the brand

Parks are currently being constructed in Japan and Hollywood. A third site has been designated for Orlando. Kline also commented on Nintendo’s motive behind this deal and the potential for growing Nintendo’s brand.

“This is a risk for Universal and a huge win for Nintendo because they’re getting the licensing fee whether it’s an instant success or not,” Kline stated. He elaborated further on Nintendo’s goals stating that “in theory, you’re going to get people who go on the ride not knowing what Mario Kart is, or never having played Pokémon, and they’re going to enjoy the ride experience and then go out and experience the video games.”

There you have it. Recently, we reported on an unofficial Mario Kart experience in Tokyo that was experiencing some legal troubles with… well, Nintendo. Go figure. But now, just imagine an official Mario Kart experience! From Kline’s statement, it sounds like that may be something we can look forward to with the new theme parks. Only time will tell. What kind of attractions would you like to see in a Nintendo theme park? Perhaps, we could experience some sort of adventure across Hyrule with Link? Or maybe, we could snatch ghosts with Luigi! The possibilities are numerous. Let us know your hopes and dreams in the comments below!

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