Yoshi’s Crafted World is a great Switch title. Part of its charm lies in its laidback difficulty. It’s fun for all ages. However, one criticism of the game is its music. The tones are mostly variations on one theme. This is not the case with the previous entry in the series, Yoshi’s Woolly World on Wii U, which has more unique tunes. In fact, composer Tomoya Tomita is so proud of his work on the title, he recently uploaded unutilized music tracks on YouTube.

These unutilized pieces are excellent

You can take a listen to Tomita’s unused compositions on his channel. There are 13 tracks in all.

Here are two of my personal faves:

Such bangers! It’s a shame none of them were present in the final product. Still, it’s great to have access to content left behind on the cutting room floor. I always find it fascinating to think about how a game would be altered if everything a developer or composer wanted in it came to pass.

Enthusiasts, what are your opinions on these unutilized music tracks? Do you hope Nintendo re-releases Yoshi’s Woolly World on Switch, preferably with all tunes intact? Let us know down below!

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