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Following the surprisingly decent Sonic the Hedgehog movie’s release, eager fans of Sega’s true blue mascot (including myself) were eagerly looking forward to what would come next. Unfortunately, due to real world circumstances, we will have to wait a bit longer for whatever reveal Sega had planned to show off since their cancelled SXSW panel. Thankfully, there’s plenty of quality content within the creative side of the Sonic community to tide ourselves over, be it impressive fan games, a Reanimated project, or—in this case—an upcoming audio drama!

Sonic and Tails R uniting voices old and new

Sonic and Tails R ain’t just any kind of Sonic the Hedgehog audio drama. While an unofficial fan-led project it may be, the 10 episode-long series stars voice actors fan will quickly recognize. Ryan Drummond, who voiced Sonic from Sonic Adventure to Sonic Advance 3, reprises his role as the Blue Blur! Emi Jones, a prolific singer and voice actress within the Sonic community, will once again voice Miles “Tails” Prower as she has in various fan works. As for Doctor Eggman, none other than the nefarious doc’s official voice actor Mike Pollock will play the part. More casting announcements will soon follow; with these three talents at the helm alone, I can hardly imagine who else could possibly be on board!

On her Twitter, Jones stresses that this audio series is not associated with Sega, nor was it designed as part of a Sonic Adventure remake project. Rather, the team behind the drama—helmed by Doryan Nelson, who made the Source Filmmaker film Sonic Prologue—made Sonic and Tails R to give fans “something to ease the tension” due to the ongoing pandemic.

The crew behind Sonic and Tails R will share the release date for the first episode soon. Subscribe to Emi Jones’ YouTube channel to catch each episode as they’re released!

Are you looking forward to hearing Drummond play Sonic once again? Which other Sonic character do you want to see (or hear) in this audio drama? At that, which other voice actor would you like to hear in this series? Let us know what you think of Sonic and Tails R in the comments.

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