The U.S. government stole Nintendo music for flash game

It’s easy to gripe with the government during this tax season. All that time filing and number-crunching could be better used in gaming after all! Now it seems Nintendo may have a reason to hold a grudge as it was revealed the EPA misappropriated their music.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website has a flash game that’s used to teach kids how recycling works. It seems harmless enough at first. That is until the music kicks in. Gaming preservation site Forest of Illusion revealed in the tweet below that the music was from Yoshi’s Island DS.

Further in the thread, Forest of Illusion also included a direct link to the music file used. The name yoshidsunderground.mp3 is pretty much the smoking gun in this open and shut case.

It seems that the government-run site has been aware of this since all music for the flash game is now shut off. No comments have been made by them regarding this. And while Nintendo could certainly take legal action, it seems unlikely that they will. Seeing a court case of Nintendo vs. the United States government would be a fun Law & Order episode, though.

Do you think Nintendo should take action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

David Giltinan
David has been involved in games media since 2012 running his own blog, YouTube channel, being a founding member of RETRO Magazine, and now as host/producer of ARGcast - Another Retro Gaming Podcast. He also dabbles in voiceover and is occasionally a stunt double for Jude Law.


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