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Use this Pokémon transfer guide chart to move your team across all gens

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Is it possible to take the original team of Pokémon that I built up in Pokémon Blue and transfer them up to Pokémon Sword and Shield? Well, yes and no. I used to meticulously transfer my team among the Gen 1, 2, and 3 games, but after that I gave up. Had I kept it up though, one fan has created a colossal guide that shows how to transfer Pokémon between any game or app in the franchise, as long as they’re compatible.

pokémon transfer guide nintendo switch pokémon red blue to sword shield sword and shield

Reddit user CengizMan put this image together, collecting together all the possible transfer options between games in the Pokémon franchise. This Pokémon transfer guide illustrates how it is in fact possible to take a Venusaur or Blastoise from the virtual console version of Pokémon Blue, Red, or Yellow and use it in Pokémon Sword and Shield, in even greater depth than a previous guide we’ve shared.

While the whole Pokémon transfer guide might seem like too much to take in, it’s quite simple if you break it down to the games you have. No, you can’t bring your team over from a Game Boy version of Pokémon Blue because of how Gold and Silver can’t connect to Ruby and Sapphire, but you can ensure that all those hours spent completing your Pokédex in previous games wasn’t in vain by bringing as many to Pokémon Sword and Shield as you can.


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