Big Brain Academy trailer

We are mere days away from the triumphant return of the Big Brain Academy series. The Switch edition, titled Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, already has a demo out on the eShop for gamers to try. With the game heading to launch this Friday, Nintendo decided it was a good time to upload a trailer for the latest Big Brain Academy. It’s a great overview of what to expect.

This Big Brain Academy trailer tells you everything you need to know about its content

Check out the clip below:

As the video states, there are five categories in Brain vs. Brain. They are: Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Visualize. Each one tests a different aspect of your noggin, so playing is a great way to get a mental workout. As you do activities within each category and answer correctly, the questions will get more difficult. All in all, there are six difficultly levels, with the more advanced ones really testing your speed and accuracy. The better you do, the more medals and coins you will receive, which in turn can be used to buy costumes for your avatar. The allure of a rabbit hood is so great, I need to max out my brain’s potential.

In addition, the footage goes over a category boss rush mode, offline competitive multiplayer, and online battles against users’ ghost data. Nothing gets the cranium racing faster than the dream of demolishing your friends and families in brain puzzles.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain will release on Nintendo Switch on December 3 for $29.99. Are there any enthusiasts ready to flex their heads? Let us know below.


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