Dreams is a new PS4 title that lets players create their own games. But what does it have to do with Nintendo? Well, gamers have been using the assets in Media Molecule’s latest to create levels featuring characters from other consoles. To the surprise of no one, many of these user-created stages feature Nintendo’s most famous Italian, Mario.

These user-created worlds don’t care about copyright laws

The Mario levels are being created by a variety of people. Thankfully, YouTuber YTSunny compiled a video featuring the very best of the bunch:

Outside of some janky animations and horrifying faces, these aren’t bad! I like the recreations of Super Mario 64‘s castle and Super Mario Galaxy‘s hub. Also, the 2-D stages are a nice touch.

It’s great to see players create impressive technology after receiving a set of tools. Games like Dreams and Super Mario Maker really scratch a creative itch inside people. Therefore, I can’t wait to see what the community thinks up next.

Enthusiasts, have you ever entered the world of user-created content? In other words, are titles like Dreams appealing to you or would you rather just play someone else’s idea? Let us know your preferences in the comment field below.

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