We seem to have an affinity for various Kirby merchandise. Whenever a new product is revealed, the Nintendo Enthusiast team is here for it. Therefore, it stands to reason that I was excited to see a magnificent Kirby vacuum cleaner unveiled today through ThinkGeek. My hopes and dreams were quickly dashed, however, upon realizing today’s date.

I wanted to believe

Once I visited the vacuum’s product page, I was greeted with the following:


How could I say no to this face?


Looking at the description, there is a lot to like. A Kirby Roomby, 41 emotes, smart mapping tech, and poses?! Even for the $300 asking price, I wanted several.

Unfortunately, potential buyers only experience disappointment when they attempt to Buy Now. We can never have nice things.

Hopefully, one day the world will have the Kirby vacuum. The technology definitely exists to create this wonder. Hoover better watch its back if this pink sucker ever gets created, though. You’ll never need another vacuum again because Kirby is forever hungry.

What do you beautiful readers think of this April Fool’s joke? Would you buy a Kirby Roomby if it was real? Let us know down below.

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Arthur Damian
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