E3’s PC Gaming Show announced a brand new title coming to all major consoles. Big Sugar Games will be bringing Valfaris to the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and — most importantly for us — the Nintendo Switch. Valfaris is a 2D shooter/platforming game and a tribute to classic NES and SNES games like Contra.

In Valfaris, players take control of Therion. When his father’s fortress mysteriously returns from the abyss, it is now plagued with demons and unspeakable evil. Therion must return to his father’s once-proud home to banish the evil that turned this paradise into a wasteland. Therion does this, of course, by using any weapon he can find to slaughter anything he can see.

Get ready to headbang

Valfaris can be considered a spiritual sequel to Slain: Back from Hell, which was made by the same development team. Despite being similar to Contra, it’s aesthetically more of a mix between Doom and Metalocalypse. Fans of heavy metal will feel right at home with the game’s intense heavy metal-inspired imagery and tone. Therion even headbangs whenever he finds a new weapon. The soundtrack will be provided by Curt Victor Bryant, the former guitarist of Celtic Frost.

Big Sugar also created a special spotlight video dedicated to one of the game’s main weapons. The ‘Bringer of Mayhem’ is a massive gun that shoots out an enormous stream of plasma. The stream can connect to multiple enemies and “efficiently liquefy those targets into an explosive splatter of rupturing guts.” When one of the presenters of the PC Gaming Show held the real-life model, it was almost as big as her.

Valfaris does not currently have a set release date. However, gamers can expect to get their hands on it at some point this year. We’ll keep an eye out for when Big Sugar announces a specific date!

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