As expected we haven\’t heard anything new about the Wii U for a while, which is likely how things will remain until E3 2012 in June, however, a few tidbits have emerged from various online resumes…

– Ghost Recon Online will be called Ghost Recon Online Arcade
– LEGO City Stories could be a launch title
– Ubisoft Paris is working on a Wii U game, which is probably a Rabbids project
– Someone at THQ is creating a AAA game for Wii U, PS3, and 360; team isn’t specified; Darksiders II or Metro: Last Light are possible, but aren’t confirmed (could be something else entirely)

Ubisoft are also developing a card title for the Wii U, which was discovered via Damien Bernard’s LinkedIn profile. Bernard worked on Just Dance and Driver: San Francisco. He says “Wii U game which we adapted to the card game/board game format.”



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