The hype about the next Smash game, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, is huge! Nintendo is furthering the momentum of the official announcement at E3 by sharing that some veteran characters are getting the amiibo treatment. So far only Ice Climbers,  Pichu, Ridley, and Ultimate Inkling Girl have been announced officially by Nintendo. Others from the past are expected as well.

It’s really anyone’s guess at this point, but you can be sure fans will jump at those preorders once they go live. On the Japanese Nintendo website, it was explained that previous vets who do not already have their own amiibo figure will get one. This does thankfully include Young Link, Snake, Pokemon Trainer, and Wolf. For Pokemon Trainer, it has not yet been confirmed if he is getting his own figure or if we will just see figures for Ivysaur, Squirtle, and Charizard respectively. I am pumped to hear this news, and so are other fans I’m sure.


The amiibo hype began back almost four years ago in 2014 amid the release of the last Smash Bros. game for the Wii U. Eleven popular fighters were first released. These included Mario, Peach, Link, and Wii Fit Trainer. Then fans saw more waves released until eventually the entire roster of characters was available. There were some characters who were harder to obtain than others. It didn’t help when restocking these popular figures was not enough to meet demand.

The good thing for all those previous amiibo collectors (like me) is you can use your older figures in Ultimate, so no need to worry about it being compatible or not. Hopefully this time around fans and collectors won’t have to worry about scalpers jacking up the price, or swiping all the preorders.

Which figures are you most excited about? Do you plan on picking any of the new ones up? Comment below!

Tarah Bleier


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