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Last month we learned that Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are getting remakes on Nintendo Switch. It’ll be nice to visit the Sinnoh region in HD, but for many fans, Pokémon was never better than when it was on Game Boy Color. There’s just something about those retro graphics that instantly whisks you away to a simpler time. Pixel artist Sindorman has captured that feeling perfectly with a short video that re-imagines Sinnoh’s Mythical Pokémon events in that classic GBC style. You can take the nostalgia trip by checking out the video below!

A GBC take on Gen 4

Sinnoh’s mythical Pokémon events re-imagined

Sindorman has done a fantastic job of recreating Sinnohy’s mythical Pokémon events in a style that would fit right at home on GBC. In the top left corner, you can see Shaymin in Flower Paradise, complete with Professor Oak in the distance. Next, we see Arceus in the Hall of Origin above the Spear Pillar. In the bottom left corner, the Legendary Pokémon  Giratina spawns in its Origin Forme in the Distortion World. Finally, the bottom right features Darkrai hidden away on New Moon Island.

I don’t know about you, but that got me pumped for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl while simultaneously making me long to play Crystal again. Whether it’s a classic GBC look or modern HD visuals, Pokémon has been keeping us entertained for over 25 years now.

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