Vigor free to play looter shooter Bohemia Interactive Nintendo Switch launch trailer Founder's Pack

The launch trailer for Vigor has just dropped, showcasing what it brings to Nintendo Switch. Bohemia Interactive’s free-to-play survival looter shooter has gained a decent following since it launched back in 2018 and has seen numerous updates since the initial Xbox One release. A $20 “Founder’s Pack” edition released last week on Switch, before a free-to-play version arrives in the near future. The development team states this paid period allows them to “form a bond” with their community and “gather initial feedback,” although it seems a somewhat sly way to launch a free-to-play title.


The Founder’s Pack that comes bundled with this initial release contains a bunch of cosmetic items and premium currency. Frankly, it seems a bit unnecessary and I’d recommend holding out for the free launch if you’re interested in Vigor. There’s a battle pass for this one of course, and we’re sure there’ll be plenty of other premium purchase opportunities down the line if you so choose.

What’s good is that the whole experience is translated to Switch. All modes are featured, including Encounter, Shootout, and Elimination. These are all variations on a similar task — enter an arena, loot, shoot, and survive. You’ll be exploring different regions of a huge map set in Norway, one of the game’s most appealing aspects.

This being a Bohemia game though (Arma, Day Z), it may be a little clunky to navigate with Joy-Con. Therefore, it could be a good idea to rock a Pro Controller for this one. If you pick up the premium version, all progress will carry over once Vigor launches free to play.

The Vigor Founder’s Pack edition is out now on Switch for $19.99.

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