As part of the SEGA AGES retro collection, a remaster of the classic Virtua Racing will be speeding its way onto the Nintendo Switch eShop in a matter of months. With its release approaching, SEGA has appropriately shared some new screenshots that show off the upcoming port and have also provided new gameplay details which give us a better idea of how what we can expect to play in this new version of the game.

Some of the new features of the Switch version of Virtua Racing is that it includes two different race modes, ‘Normal Race’ and ‘Grand Prix’ along with the option to play in either local or online multiplayer races.

Here’s the rundown:

Sega’s 3D Game Origins Finally Reaches Sega Ages

Control a 3D formula car, choose from one of three course types, and race in four-to-five lap races with the goal of first place. Additionally, you can switch between four different perspectives during gameplay, from the driver’s view to bird’s-eye view.

The First Faithful Reproduction of the Arcade Version

The Sega Ages version of Virtua Racing is the first faithful reproduction of the arcade version. The “Normal Race” and “Grand Prix Race” settings made possible by the arcade circuit board settings can both be configured in the settings. While Normal Race has four-to-five laps, Grand Prix Race is an endurance run of 20 laps. Since your tires wear as you drive, which affects your handling, it is important to determine when to make a pit stop to change your tires in a Grand Prix Race.

Additionally, there are two competitive modes. The first is a two-player online multiplayer race mode. The second is an offline race mode that uses a single Switch unit and supports up to eight players locally. Have everyone bring over their Joy-Cons and resurrect the excitement of being at the arcade.

Additional Sega Ages-Exclusive Features

Replay saving and playback is an additional feature not included in the original arcade version. You can even change the replay camera, including off-course perspectives.

As for the new screenshots, they seem to reveal this version of the game looking slightly less refined than the 2004 PS2 port. But, the low-poly look is still visually pleasing nonetheless:

Virtua Racing will release on Switch at some point in the Spring (in Japan). An exact release date has not yet been provided for any region.


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