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Yesterday, USJ Information L.C.A. Studios published a comprehensive report on Universal Studios Japan and their upcoming Super Nintendo World addition. The theme park was initially announced a little over two years ago, back in December of 2016, and is set to open sometime in 2020. We haven’t seen or heard much about Super Nintendo World outside of a kind of confirmed Mario Kart attraction and teaser trailer, but USJ Information L.C.A. Studios’ newest report sheds more light on what to expect in Japan’s version of the Nintendo park, mainly showing off how big the park will be, and its relation to other areas of Universal Studios Japan.

Concept images from the report were compiled in the above video, simulating what crowds can expect at Super Nintendo World. Because the video is in Japanese, we’re unclear about most details revealed within it, but as Nintendo Soup points out, fans should expect to walk 850m before reaching the park due to its distance from other Universal Studios Japan attractions. The majority of this report is focused on speculation in regards to crowds, location, size, and potential attractions.

This image shows off what Super Nintendo World will look like from an aerial perspective. Another glance at the teaser trailer, and USJ Information L.C.A. Studios seems to have pieced together what some areas are likely to be.

This crane is assumed to be putting up a Mario flagpole.

The massive building toward the backlot of Universal Studios Japan is rumored to be a Mario Kart attraction, due to its size and possible capacity.

USJ Information L.C.A. Studios believes the area closest to the Mario Kart attraction could be an entrance to the simulator, as well as a large interactive play area.

This green pipe will be the entrance to the theme park addition. Crowds will have to emerge through the green pipe to showcase the full illusion of walking into a real Nintendo-themed world.

More images and the full report can be found at USJ Information L.C.A. Studios’ website. Just how accurate is this report to Super Nintendo World’s reality? Only time will tell.



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