Vitamin Connection from WayForward and Limited Run Games as Nintendo Switch exclusive

WayForward has announced Vitamin Connection as a new Nintendo Switch exclusive. It is an action game that can be played single player or co-op, and Limited Run Games will publish physical copies of the game. No official images or video of the game have been unveiled yet, but some basic details have been provided to munch on.

Players will control Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl (I like “Mina-Girl.”) and use a tiny Capsule Ship to “battle evil bacteria inside of living organisms.” You will use a Vitamin Beam and a claw to navigate mazes, and you will rescue the Sable family — whoever the heck they are — as well as their dog. There will also apparently be mini-games like pong and rhythm challenges.

What makes the co-op unique in this game is that each player has a different role: One player controls the Capsule Ship movement and shooting, and the other controls the ship’s rotation and aiming. It sounds like a recipe for frustration to me, but who knows?

WayForward summarizes the highlights of Vitamin Connection like this:

  • Blast bacteria with your Vitamin Beam across six colorful stages!

  • Overcome sub-games featuring precision twisting, rhythmic action, and more!

  • Vibrant visuals with a retro-futuristic aesthetic!

  • Uniquely innovative Joy-Con controls and HD Rumble!

  • Play solo or coordinate with a friend in two-player mode!

  • Exclusively on Nintendo Switch!

Minus the action bits, Vitamin Connection all reminds me of that old episode of The Magic School Bus where the bus shrinks down to explore that one kid’s body because his skin turned orange. (That show was memorable but strange.) And that’s a good thing!

No price or release date has been confirmed for Vitamin Connection yet, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, keep up with WayForward’s other awesome upcoming game, River City Girls.


John Friscia
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