Do you like the voice chat available in Fortnite for your Nintendo Switch? If so, you’re in luck as this news might be perfect for you. Nintendo Switch game developers will now have access to the same chat capabilities as Fortnite thanks to the chat system’s developer, Vivox. The software development kit, capable of adding text and voice chat to Nintendo Switch games, is now available for third-party developers to utilize in future multiplayer games.

The solution to Nintendo Switch Online’s chat feature?

Much to the dismay of many last year, the Nintendo Switch Online service offered an unnatural solution to online chat. Players have to use the app for the online service on their smartphones and connect through that device for chat during online play. The Nintendo Switch never received a clear plan to incorporate voice chat within the actual console. Fortnite changed all that when it came to the Switch last year introducing a chat feature that was more akin to what most had expected out of the Nintendo Switch. Of course, Vivox was behind that feature in Fortnite and is now offering this solution to all developers.

Interestingly enough, Vivox supports crossplay functionality so players can also converse with the individuals they’re playing games with on different consoles. This is a huge deal for the future of inter-connectivity between platforms. It isn’t known yet what future games or developers will make use of this newly available development kit. But with the popularity of Fortnite and the widespread backlash of the chat system Nintendo offered through its official service, Vivox is the likely solution heading into the future of the hybrid console

Did you play Fortnite on the Switch and make use of the chat feature? What do you think of the potential for all future Nintendo Switch multiplayer experiences to adopt the same functionality within their games? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below!

Source: Venture Beat, Vivox

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