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GungHo has revealed an Aug. 12 release date for Volta-X on Nintendo Switch and PC, and it’s brought a really snazzy new trailer to emphasize that fact. Seriously, I wanna watch a whole animated series based on the hand-drawn cinematics in this trailer. But that aside, the game itself is looking pretty good too. We’ve covered Volta-X in depth at Nintendo Enthusiast, including previews, an interview with Director of Game Development Fumiaki Shiraishi and Art Director Pramin Phatiphong, and even debuting the first pages of its gorgeous web comic. But in a couple weeks, Switch players will finally get to try it for themselves.

Volta-X is a head-to-head kaiju combat game where you control the team of pilots inside a giant robot. It has a healthy-sized single-player campaign in addition to a strong PVP aspect (with Switch/PC cross-play), and when you’re not beating up bad guys and rivals, there is also a robust base simulation management element to the game. It’s up to you to grow your team, build out your base strategically to maximize efficiency, and research new technology to equip to your robot. Basically, it’s a power fantasy about building yourself a pretty literal killing machine — and then saving the day with it.

Even if the simulation elements share some commonalities with FTL, there is really nothing else like GungHo and Shiraishi’s Volta-X. It should be a pretty welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch library in a couple weeks’ time, whether you’re a sim management lover or a giant robot lover.


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