VR Ocarina of Time

The beloved The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The recent strides made with VR technology. Do they go together as well as burgers and fries? YouTuber SwankyBox certainly hoped so. As a huge fan of the N64 classic, he was excited to have a new experience with his fave in the form of a VR Ocarina of Time.

VR Ocarina of Time sounds like definite motion sickness

Using modded HTC Vive tech created by fellow personality Kaze Emanuar, SwankyBox documented 24 hours inside the world of Hyrule:

A unique journey, for sure.

As expected, the original Ocarina of Time was not meant to be played solely in VR. Therefore, assets behind the player do not render, so it is imperative to keep your eyes focused in front of you. Also, speed boosts due to rolling are not recommended, since doing so in first-person will the camera to jank. Aiming is a pain, too.

However, moments of tranquility are enhanced by the VR mode. SwankyBox rests his eyes with his headset on, finding spots in Hyrule Field and Kokiri Forest that look out into the horizon. Feeling such a scope as if you are really there in Hyrule is what makes this project so special (sunsets must be breathtaking). And as SwankyBox notes, you can really absorb yourself into the world of Ocarina of Time by dedicating a whole day inside of it. No responsibilities are the things we miss most as adults.

Enthusiasts, would you attempt a day inside of VR Ocarina of Time? Let us know if you’d tear yourself away from real life in order to do so below!

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