The North American release of Waku Waku Sweets, the cute, popular Japanese cooking game, is coming to Nintendo Switch this week. Those that have played cooking simulator games before, like Cooking Mama or Overcooked, should look into this release. You take on the role of an aspiring chef named Lime and get to cook your way through a whopping 100 different dishes.

What game like this would be complete without character customization? Waku Waku Sweets gives lots of freedom in regards to character design, with hair, eyes, skin and cute outfits to choose from.

From November 22 to Dec 12, the game is available for $29.99. After that, Waku Waku Sweets will run players $39.99. Are you picking up the cooking title? Be sure to let us know down in the comments!

Tarah Bleier


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