Waluigi’s status as a meme largely outclasses his actual presence within Nintendo games. The character, created so that Wario would have someone thematically consistent as a doubles partner in the Nintendo 64’s Mario Tennis, has never really appeared in a game beyond a supporting role. He’s certainly never starred in his own game. He’ll show up in crowded rosters for Mario Party or Mario sports titles, and he’s famously (or infamously, depending on who you ask) an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but he doesn’t get much love from Nintendo beyond that. As of yesterday, it’s actually been 20 years of C-tier status for Waluigi. Nintendo didn’t seem to care much about that, and I really don’t think that a Waluigi game is on the horizon at all, but if it were to happen, what genre would make the most sense?

It’s hard to think of one that screams Waluigi. That’s probably a small part of why we haven’t seen a game starring him. I think that something tying into the Wario Land series makes the most sense, so put me down for a 2D platformer. We totally need that series to make a comeback anyway, so I’m absolutely down for a Wario Land game that either stars Waluigi or just introduces him as a co-op partner. (Or a Wario Land that doesn’t have Waluigi at all, I don’t care. I need more of that series). I’d also be down for a 3D game that either does something totally out of left field – think Luigi vacuuming up ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion – or a more action and puzzle-oriented platformer like Wario World.

If you could make a game starring Waluigi, what genre would you go with? Why? Let us know in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
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